My name is Barbara Grubbs. I am a nurse practitioner and I practice in South Carolina. I’ve been working in healthcare for over 16 years and I LOVE helping people! I am trying to reach more people to help and coach by extending my services and knowledge to the online community. I want to help you achieve and constantly strive to live at your personal best optimal health in life! This is a constant process of growth and adjustment for everyone.

I believe we all need purpose and my purpose is helping others by teaching things that I have learned. Things that I hope will help others BEFORE they hit the roadblocks and pains that I had to experience as I figured them out.

Nurse practitioners can and do prescribe medications. They also diagnose, order tests, interpret results, analyze lab work and counsel patients. I believe the most important part is the counseling. The thing that “we don’t have time for”. If we could MAKE THE TIME though, perhaps we wouldn’t need the drugs or get the illnesses caused by a poor lifestyle.

Therefore my focus in on mental health / well-being, quality adequate sleep, nutrition / diet, and exercise / activity. For smokers or users of tobacco then that’s a big thing to correct as well.

No matter where you are in life or what you are coping with we can all take those challenges and live our lives to the highest that we are each personally capable of. Connect with me so we can set the bar higher and higher. Life is meant to be lived. Wouldn’t you rather “live” than just “exist”?

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Barbara Grubbs, NP
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